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Here's what happens in an Internet minute

A minute may seem insignificant for most of us, but it can mean a lot if we take a quick look at the Internet platforms that are constantly growing. Lori Lewis and Officially Chadd have created an infographic that can help us understand what an Internet minute looks like. People view about 4.5 million YouTube videos per minute, send 18.1 million WhatsApp messages, run 3.8 million Google search queries, and the list goes on and on.

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Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee expresses concerns regarding the lack of privacy and misinformation

The web has become a significant component of our lives; people use it to discover the needed information, educate themselves, communicate with each other, store and retrieve files, for entertainment purposes, and so on. However, Mr. Berners-Lee, its inventor, advocates for a social web contract, which would provide key guidelines and principles that must be obeyed by governments, corporations and individuals.

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How to prepare your business for the Internet of Things

IoT devices can be very helpful! They allow us to control our homes remotely, give us the option to order various products from some of the biggest online stores using our voices, and so on. Businesses use Internet of Things devices to increase productivity, collecting data from social media channels, and then providing actionable information that can help solve customer service issues, for example.

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The Internet knows you better than your spouse

Did you know that companies use advanced AI algorithms to analyze those digital photos you've just posted on the web, with the goal of determining your personality and mood? Advertisers are very interested in getting access to this type of information; they want to show you ads for products and services that will be very appealing to you.

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Will the World Wide Web 3.0 be a decentralized web?

It's not a secret that most corporations use the Internet to spy on us. And many of these commercial entities have joined their forces, with the goal of merging their databases, and thus get as much accurate information about us as possible. However, a group of netizens plan to create the DWeb, a decentralized version of the Internet which will allow end users to regain control over their personal info by making use of peer-to-peer networks.

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