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Jolla has released the 3rd version of its mobile operating system

The Finnish company, which has offices in Helsinki & Tampere, Finland and in Hong Kong, has developed an independent, scalable and customizable mobile OS that can be a solid alternative to Android and iOS. Sailfish OS can run on IoT devices, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and more.

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Foldable smartphones are the next big trend in the cell phone industry

Several manufacturers strive to launch foldable phones these days. We've already gotten Samsung's Galaxy Fold, Huawei's Mate X and Motorola's Razr V4, and it looks like Google and Apple are trying to come up with their own foldable devices as well. However, since these smartphones have 2 or 3 displays, battery life and/or device size may be a serious problem.

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EU Commission asks phone manufacturers to boost caller location features

Mobile phones can be instrumental in providing access to emergency services. The European Galileo global navigation satellite system, which is fully owned and controlled by the EU, can be used in conjunction with other GPS services to provide highly accurate location services. The European Council has recently asked smartphone manufacturers to build devices that are fully compatible with the Galileo system as well.

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Mobile phones influence the quality of family time

A recent U.K study has demonstrated that parents and children tend to spend more time at the same location in comparison with the last decade. However, there was a significant increase in alone-together time, with children reporting that everyone was using mobile devices, so they didn't feel that they were copresent with their parents, despite being in the same room with them.

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Ontario government bans pupils from using mobile phones in classrooms

Students living in Canada's most populous east-central province will not be allowed to use their smartphones during school hours. The government hopes that by doing this, pupils will be able to focus more on their learning. The decision was taken after discussing the matter with parents and teachers, who have supported the initiative.

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