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Multimedia News


Apple highlights students who use innovative multimedia technologies

The company has recently spotlighted several teenagers who are studying at the Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts. Their "Playlist" project includes 37 songs, with 13 of them being produced by the students themselves, and then edited using Final Cut Pro X. The pupils have utilized a Yamaha CL5 digital mixer which can be controlled remotely, by making use of an iPad Pro and custom software.

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Man drives over 3,000 miles because of a deleted YouTube video

A man drove about 3,300 miles from his home in Maine to YouTube's headquarters to ask Google's executives why his "get rich quick" video was deleted by the company. It turns out that his wife deleted the video, though, considering it useless. The man has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder; his close relatives have declared that he isn't violent, though, and that all he wanted was to get his money making video back online.

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Epic plans to enter the retail gaming business

Fortnite Battle Royale, one of the most popular games ever, has significantly boosted Epic Games' profits, adding over 3 billion dollars to its bottom line in 2018. And now, the game developer plans to get a piece of the digital downloads pie as well. Its main competitor is Valve Corporation, the maker of Half-Life, Counter-Strike, etc. which has built a very popular digital distribution platform for independent game developers.

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Adobe will soon retire its multimedia maker platform

The company will discontinue Shockwave starting with the 9th of April. It's a logical move, since better multimedia applications and games can now be created by making use of newer web-based technologies, which provide more flexibility and power. HTML5 and Web GL have turned Shockwave into a less attractive platform, for example. Adobe Director, the most popular tool that was used to create Shockwave content, was retired back in 2017.

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Lehigh offers new film and documentary studies program

The program features two undergraduate minors and a graduate student certificate. The minors include film studies and documentary story making, helping students without any prior film or multimedia storytelling experience learn about historical development, process and ethics of film. Graduate students, who will work with members of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning and the Digital Media Studio, can earn graduate certificates in documentary film.

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