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Achieving full stack, multi-cloud security observability

Companies which choose to use multi-cloud environments, with the goal of saving money and/or reducing the risk of vendor lock-ins, may have a hard time trying to determine where certain data is being stored, and how it is protected from cyber criminals. To stay safe, businesses should eliminate ShadowOps, strive for visibility, employ each platform's best practices, prioritize automation and understand the shared responsibility model.

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Top 10 data security mistakes

Major data breaches have become very common these days; millions of records are stolen by hackers each week. Techgenix has written an article which highlights the most common security gaps that can affect small and medium-sized businesses. Most companies are vulnerable because they don't train their staff, don't have data backups, underfund their data security budgets, underestimate insider threats, and so on.

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Samsung SDS boosts cloud security by making use of homomorphic encryption

The Samsung group subsidiary, which has been providing network infrastructure management services since 1985, has developed a new cloud security application which utilizes homomorphic encryption algorithms to detect, analyze and block cyberattacks. The good news is that by making use of homomorphic encryption, even compromised data will be rendered useless due to the built-in white box cryptography mechanisms.

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Smart cities are vulnerable to cyber security risks

Governments choose smart technologies solutions in larger and larger numbers; however, this makes smart cities vulnerable to a great variety of attack vectors. To fix these issues, cyber criminals should be denied access to city infrastructure by making use of well-defined cybersecurity mechanisms. A well-planned smart city will provide effective resource mobilization, monitoring, management and measurement.

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New Oracle and KPMG report states that automation can thwart cloud security threats

Cloud services are essential for most businesses; the number of employees that access company resources on-premises and by using a cloud service is constantly growing. Nevertheless, poor password management and the lack of multi-factor authentication systems make it difficult to keep data safe. Fortunately, machine learning has the potential to improve the accuracy and scale of security analytics.

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