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Twitter launches camera tools that increase visual focus

Twitter is now allowing its users to capture Stories-like images, which can be improved by adding lots of overlays and searchable elements. The new tools enable people to capture screen shots and/or videos, and even broadcast live straight from their Twitter accounts. The recorded videos can have a length of up to 2 minutes, which should be more than enough for most people's needs.

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The U.S. government may use social media to decide who is disabled

Social Security Administration officials may examine the social accounts of people who apply for (or already receive) disability benefits to determine if they qualify or not. Nevertheless, the idea of determining if a person is disabled by using his/her social media pictures and posts is based on the assumption that people can determine if others are incapacitated or not by judging how they look in various photos or videos, which don't necessarily reflect their health status.

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How to deal with coworkers on social media

Many of us get to see and interact with our colleagues more than we do with our families each day. So, to make sure that things don't run out of control, we need to follow some rules. To begin with, we should always remember that every message we're posting on social media can be read by our coworkers. Then, it's important to understand that the platform we're using will always impact the way in which the message is received. High-school photos should only be posted on personal Facebook accounts, and not on LinkedIn, for example.

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Does social media hurt mental health of US young?

The number of young Americans who are depressed is constantly growing, and specialists believe that social media may be one of the key causes. Everything started during the mid 2000s, when the number of adolescents and young adults who had symptoms of depression, distress and suicidal thoughts grew exponentially. Researchers think that social media makes people spend less time interacting with their real friends and get less sleep, triggering these severe health problems.

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#Trashtag challenges social media users to clean up public spaces

Teens are often known for getting involved in all sorts of risky social media challenges. However, the #Trashtag challenge, which started several years ago without having a huge impact, but has recently gone viral, encourages people to pick up garbage from parks, beaches, etc. and then post pictures of the cleaned-up place. Lots of teenagers will now have something that they can be proud of to show off!

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